Osama Bin Laden’s Victory

No matter how one spins it Osama Bin Laden was far more successful then he himself realized and conservatives are willing to admit.

1) Bin Laden convinced Bush to Commit America to two wars in spite of the fact that he {bush} knew they could not be paid for with his tax cuts and would eventually lead to a stagnant economy.

2) That in spite of the pedestal Americans place the Constitution and the Bill of Rights the majority would be willing to forego their liberties as soon as their security was threatened.

The real advantage America has is technology for its people are soft – unwilling to sacrifice like previous generations – mushy and muddle headed and (in spite of the protestations to the contrary from the worshipers of Christians in name only). The average Conservative American is quite simply AMORAL and quite willing to allow their government to use their tax money to support the leaders of other countries who mistreat and murder their own people as long as they dance to whatever political tune our leaders are playing.

In reality Osama Bin Laden provided the stage and conservatives have been dancing to his tune ever since; yet are so blind that they cannot see that their faux righteousness is as filthy rags.


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