The Seventh Day Sabbath

Oh Sabbath day of rest, joy and peace
one moment out of seven
when I can pause in my hectic pace
to commune with God the Father as my friend

Nearly six thousand years ago
the Father and the Son
our Creator, Savior and Friend
together created this tiny world

Far away from the gates of Heaven
deep within the Milky Way
while the angels watched in awe
as day by day our world began

Out of darkness came the light
turning eternal night into day
all by the loving hands of Jesus
the way, truth and the life

One vast sea this world lay still
void and formless one vast deep
yet by the spoken word of the Father
from out of the sea came the land

Earth upon which plants would grow
ground for animals to roam upon
sky above where birds still fly
land below where man walks today

Air so crisp, pure and clean to breathe
everywhere our eyes can look
within our world is endless beauty to behold
all this is Jesus loving gift to mankind


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