Bad Choices = Bad Consequences

Dear old dad
had three wives all of whom
divorced him
broke his heart cast him out
of their lives
threw him out like a bag full
of garbage
instead of following God he
followed his
wayward heart made three
bad choices
one that broke his heart left
him berift
of his children – one who took
his money and
sucked him dry just like a fly
another who in
the end took his life put him
in his grave
leaving his children berift of
their father

Oil and Water

opposed to each other like
oil and water
feminism and Christianity
do not mix
nor can a Christian suport
feminism and
remain true to their Saviour
for the principle
of the Christian religion pure
and undefiled
is self forgetfulness in order to
serve others
while the principle of feminism
is self fulfillment
at the expense of their famlies
the right to
murder the child gestating with
in their mothers
womb is feminism highest goal
sacred priorty