Self Checkout’s

The reason I never use the self checkout machines in a grocery store, department store or anywhere else. Is because these machines are being used by these businesses to cut their overhead expenses while the prices of the goods and services they provide continue to rise. By conning their customers into doing the work of bagging up their purchases with the false promise of lower prices. These businesses are able to eliminate employees along with the benefits they would be required to pay them. Such as medical insurance and retirement plans which has the effect of taking money away from and out of the community in which they are located.

While the money that these businesses didn’t have to pay to an employee that would have been used to support a family and drive the Local Economy through Consumer Spending. Now goes into the bank accounts of the greedy and overfed CEO’s who don’t care if they run these same companies into the ground. As with malice and forethought these self absorbed robber barons along with their elected counterparts both conservatives and liberals. In both Federal and State governments and the financial markets shamelessly manipulate the economy for their short term gain until the economy has so other choice but to collapse from the weight of their outlandish and seemingly infinite greed.


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