If It Were Left Up to Republicans

Many years ago at one of my father’s family reunions my dad’s oldest brother was ranting and raving about how government regulations hurt business. So I asked him, “If a company was deliberately putting food tainted with a poison on the market did the government {in his view} have the right to step in and take the tainted food off the market and prosecute the company?”

His answer was an emphatic “NO!”

Today’s Republicans rant and rave{ just like my uncle did} about the evils of government regulations yet they don’t specify which regulations are bad and should be repealed. Leaving the impression that all regulations are bad and that we’d all be better off if the corporations were allowed to run amok doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to whomever they wanted.

So I have to conclude that if it were left up to Republicans:

Not only would the American countryside be just as polluted with industrial wastes as East Germany was discovered to be; after the fall of the Berlin wall led to the corresponding fall of its communist government. But today instead of writing this essay I would be DEAD and MOLDERING in my Grave instead of walking away from the accident I was involved in a several years ago.

When without any warning whatsoever a large male deer, standing in the middle of the road, suddenly appeared in my headlights as I was driving to work that morning before daylight. Which the front end of my light blue Ford Taurus hit while traveling approximately fifty-five miles per hour just as my foot touched the brake petal. Were it not for the seatbelt holding my five foot six inch two hundred pound body in place and the drivers side air bag, which blew outward from the steering wheel into my chest and up into my  face. I would have most likely been thrown out onto the road through the front windshield that is if my chest hadn’t ended up being impaled on the steering wheel.

So if it had been left up to the Republicans {who hate government regulations with a passion better reserved for their illicit love lives} the government regulations requiring seatbelts, air bags and shatterproof windshields would never have been written.

Which quite simply means that cars would be quite a bit cheaper -er slightly more affordable- but I would be dead along with many others who have been saved by these safety devices.


One thought on “If It Were Left Up to Republicans

  1. Thanks for your above post. The Republicans attitude towards regulation is extraordinary. While the latter can sometimes be excessive, the real argument, as you mention, is about effectiveness rather than simple blind ideological opposition to all regulation. There is also a case to be made for certain public goods and services provided by the government, or at least by the private sector but encouraged and regulated by the government in the public interest. There is an inevitable symbiotic relationship between the public and private sectors under capitalism and always has been; sometimes for the worse, sometimes the better. We should work to encourage the positive elements as far as possible, and try and undo or prevent the negative.


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