Not Much of a Difference

Both liberals and conservatives arrogantly claim the moral high ground in regards to abortion as a means of birth control: the willful act of murdering a child in it’s mother’s womb.

Unfortunately for liberals once one gets past their claim that a woman has the absolute right to control her own body. By coming to the realization that her actions in seeking an abortion as a means of birth control, is in itself an acknowledgment that she failed to exercise proper control of her body in the first place. The validity and morality of their argument utterly fails when liberals both deny the personhood of the child growing within their mother’s womb. Then demand that those who find such an act of murder despicable pay for the abortion through the tax dollars they are forced to pay by their own government at the point of a gun – force of law – in taxes.

On the other hand the conservative argument also fails because by using the power of the government to impose their own narrow minded moral viewpoint on another. Gives credence to the interference of individual personal liberties by the overreaching hand of government they all too often rail about in other debates on other social issues.

Neither are the hands of the conservatives clean nor are they free of the stain of immorality for even though they oppose abortion as a means of birth control. Modern day conservatives have absolutely no qualms about allowing the child they save from the abortionist’s hands stained with innocent blood. To die by starving to death from malnutrition or lack of medical care if the child’s parents can’t afford food or medical care – even through no fault of their own – by opposing the programs put into place to alleviate child poverty and universal healthcare for all citizens.

Hence the moral posturing of liberal’s and conservative’s on the issue of abortion as a means of birth control is neither moral nor acceptable and can only be characterized as ABSOLUTELY REPUGNANT!


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