Why Bullying – Sociopathic Behavior – Is So Common

The Difference In A Sociopath and A Psychopath

The primary difference in a Sociopath and a Psychopath is this: A sociopath is a cowardly Predator who manipulates someone else – an unwitting or willfully blind proxy – into  doing their dirty work and/or into  pulling the trigger for them.  While a Psychopath is a predator who has the courage to commit their  own crimes instead of duping someone else to do it for them.

There are four kinds or Types of sociopaths:

1) Those who are born without a sense of empathy for others…

2) Those who are made into social paths by resisting and/or fighting back against the person bullying them…

3) Those who chose not to exercise empathy towards others and/or intentionally prey on another person…

4) Those who are taught to be a sociopath because they are superior to others…

The best way to identify a sociopath is through careful observation of their behavior patterns over time.

True sociopaths – those who are born that way – are some what rare while those who chose to be social paths are extremely common.

A sociopath is an individual who believes they have the absolute right to prey on others because they are superior.

Believes that they have the right to exploit the labor of others for their own profit.

That they are above the law.

Engage in sociopathic behavior in the outright theft of the property and natural resources of a less powerful group.

Seeks employment in organizations that allow them to have power over others in order to abuse that power.

Resorts to emotional abuse and implied violence in order to get their way.

Uses dishonest intellectual arguments to bolster their opinions in order to deceive others.

Believe they are entitled to having their own cake while eating someone else’s.

Examples of sociopaths both past and present:


The Republican Party

The Democratic party



Christians In Name Only

The One Percent

Sharon Osborne who thinks that it is funny when a woman brutally sexually mutilates her intimate partner

Women who divorce their husbands for non Biblical reasons, falsely accuse their husbands and/or the father of their children of Domestic Violence, child and sexual abuse and manipulate their children into turning against their fathers.

Members of the court and law enforcement who both aid and abet women in legally and financially abusing the former love of their life.

Those who chose to be sociopaths are quite common, come from all walks of life and tend to congregate in these professions: CEO’s of major corporations, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, Management and the Health Care System: Doctors, Nurses etc.

Those who stand outside prisons celebrating the death of a individual being put to death by the state.

Why Sociopath’s Are So Common

This article is based upon my own personal observations of individuals  who willfully engaged in harmful acts towards others and myself  without seeming to have a personal sense of remorse. Indeed  the conclusions I have reached are the result of over forty years of personal observation; and is the only rational and logical way that I have come up with to fully explain and make sense of their behavior without excusing them.

One must first have a working definition of what a Sociopath is and that entails defining the harmful and negative behavior they engage in towards others as Sociopathic. I personally define Sociopathic Behavior as any behavior that causes harm to another individual whether it be physical, emotional or mental abuse. Hence I define a Sociopath as an individual who willfully engages in Sociopathic behavior by harming others without a sense of remorse.

If true Sociopaths are rare being approximately 1 – 5 % of the population then why do so many “NORMAL” average individuals willfully choose to harm others by engaging in Sociopathic behavior without even the slightest hint of remorse?

How did Hitler – a Sociopath – manage to convince an entire nation of mostly “NORMAL” individuals to persecute and murder six millions jews without a sense of remorse?

Why do men willfully bully other males without a sense of remorse and justify their actions by calling it male bonding?

Why do male and female bullies single out the one individual in their group who is different in some way from the others to heap their scorn upon without a sense of remorse?

Unless Sociopaths are far more common then anyone thinks then their can be only one answer; and that is that the CONSCIENCE which gives one their sense of right and wrong and the ability to govern their behavior towards others can be subverted or entirely switched off. So that engaging in sociopathic behavior that harms others becomes perfectly normal and justified.

Hence rich families teach their children that they are entitled to their unearned wealth and that others who aren’t as wealthy are worthless, shiftless and lazy. Small wonder that these children then end up abusing the power they have over others who are less wealthy without a sense of remorse.

Racists are taught to hold other races as inferior to their own and deserve the contempt they heap upon them.

As a general rule individuals who engage in sociopathic behavior habitually consider themselves to be superior to others – whom they hold in contempt – and believe that they are entitled to prey upon.  Instead of esteeming others better than themselves as the Bible teaches: those who engage in sociopathic behavior towards others hold themselves up as the standard by which they measure everyone else and judge all those who fail to measure up as inferior and unworthy and hold them in contempt.

Consequently Sociopaths are not only born but there are those who intentionally chose to be Sociopaths and others who are taught/trained to be Sociopaths. For anyone who chooses to engage in Sociopathic Behavior by harming others, whether without remorse or avoids feeling remorseful by subverting or turning off their conscience by justifying their actions, is in my own humble opinion a SOCIOPATH.



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