Show Me Instead

Don’t tell me about the
love of Jesus
if you aren’t willing to
live your faith
don’t tell me about the
love of Jesus
if you aren’t willing to
give me food
don’t tell me about the
love of Jesus
if you aren’ t willing to
clothe me
don’t tell me about the
love of Jesus
if you aren’t willing to
take me into
your home empty words
can’t be eaten
don’t tell me about the
love of Jesus
let your actions show me



In the
pews they sit on Sabbath
sing praises to the Lord

Lay their
tithes and offerings
within the
offering plate as it
passes by

Yet behind
their smiles – pleasant
something important
is missing

For like
the fig tree covered
with leaves
that Jesus cursed they
are barren

Dressed up
in expensive suits and ties
low cut
dresses that put their curves
on display

In reality
they are empty vessels
agents of
Belial sent to seduce
their brothers

By their
example they cause others
to stumble
take their eyes off of Jesus
lose their way

With smooth
words they lure the careless
one’s asleep
lest they wake up – put away
their sins

Willfully Unaware

Like the
waves of the storm tossed
deep blue
sea the sons and daughters
of Belial

Rant and
rave – immerse themselves
in dissipation
without a single thought for
the future

Living for
today – caught up in the
cares of
this life they do not seem
to care

unaware of the wrath of
an offended
God about to burst upon
their heads

Smoke and Mirrors II

With a
fantasy the adversary tempts
me to
sin – fall off the narrow way to

and mirrors is all he offers
the reality
of suffering – an early death
he conceals

Upon my
shoulder he rides all day long
sweet nothings within my ear

For if
he cannot seduce my mind
to insanity
he will drive me to take my
own life


From the
glory of Heaven above
he fell
like a bolt of lightning
cast out

Today he
walks about like a lion
whom he may devour
to deceive

The unwary
with his carefully crafted
lies to catch
the ignorant within his
hidden net

Like the
pied piper of old he leads
his followers
ever onward to unfailing

Religious Conservatives

They claim
to love and serve the Father Above
yet help the
rich to steal from the poor, destitute
and needy

Because they
themselves have been blessed
instead of
thanking their Creator for their
good fortune

With their
egos puffed up with pride
just like
King Nebuchadnezzar they
take credit

Blissfully unaware
of the wrath of the Father Above
that is about to
burst – to scatter to the four winds
their wanton pride