Modern Day Idolatry

On the
plains of Dura King  Nebuchadnezzar
erected an
Image of gold to be worshiped on pain
of death

Only to
be defeated constrained to acknowledge
the true God
of the three Hebrew Worthies whom he’d
cast into

The fiery
furnace only to see them conversing
with the
Son of God midst the burning flames

Likewise the
day is soon coming when the
two horned
beast that speaks like a dragon
of Revelation

Will make an
image to the beast with seven
heads and ten
horns wearing ten crowns rising
from the sea

Once again
upon pain of death both small
and great
will be constrained to worship
this image

Only this
time God’s people will be delivered
from the
hands of the wicked who seek to
kill them

Slain by
the brightness of the coming of the
Son of man
as He rescues his people from His


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