Cain vs: Able

Cain and
Able were as different
as any
two brothers possibly
could be

One being
rebellious – the other obediant
the oldest
a hothead the youngest cool as
a cucumber

The acceptance
of his younger brothers sacrifice
while his own was
rejected angered the first born
of Adam and Eve

Yet it was
his younger brothers cool
his defense of our Creator’s

Towards the
race of rebels who deserved
nothing less
than eternal death that enraged
him caused

Cain to slay
his younger brother – put Able
in an untimely
grave whose blood still speaks
to us today

Even today
there are those who seek
to worship
the Father Above in their
way like Cain

Instead of
obeying the written Word
of God they
seek to enforce their own

upon the rest of us by force
of laws not
found within the Holy Bible
and just

Like Cain
eventually those who refuse
to agree with
them – disobey God – they will
seek to slay


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