The Apostle Peter

For three
years he walked, listened
and talked
with Jesus – the third disciple
to be called

Yet he
was the first to confess
that his
master was Christ the
Son of God

He was
the one whom Jesus
his name to Cephas
a stone

The one
who in his self righteousness
that he would never betray
his Lord

One of
the three disciples
whom Jesus
chose to witness His

The one
who drew his sword cut
off the
ear of the High Priest’s

Yet it
wasn’t until after he’d
denied his
Lord, Master and Teacher
three times

That his
heart was broken by a look
of sorrow
from Jesus that Peter was

So unworthy
did he feel himself to be
that Peter
requested to be crucified
upside down

When at
last the time came  for him
to seal
his testimony with his blood
upon a cross


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