Modern Day Harlots

They have
absolutely no sense
of modesty
dressing to impress
on display

they put their curves
then complain
quite bitterly when the
fish whom

They seek
to bait attempts to
take a bite
of the apple quite

Like a
toy upon the shelf
they put
themselves then get
mad as

A hornet
when a buyer comes along
dares to
admire their beauty seeks
to buy her

These are
the girls of summer who
let it all
hang out for everyone
to notice

Modern day
harlots whose feminine wiles
intice unwise
boys pretending to be men in
to their net

The harbor of
their open arms – so called embrace
of love is an
open grave leading to the depths of
hell and despair

Once entrapped
within her clutches there is no
escape for her
hapless prey whom she binds with
silken deception

Like a spider
from his lips and wallet
she sucks his
very life giving nothing
except death

In return
for all his efforts
leaves his
dried up husk in her
web of lies

Like a trophy
even as she patiently awaits
another unwary
suitor looking for love in all
the wrong places


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