The True Christmas Spirit

From afar three wise men came
to worship the little babe
who within the cattle manger lay
Creator and Savior of all mankind

Their gifts to Him they brought
gold, frankincense and myrrh
while before Him they humbly bowed
in adoration and heart felt love

This Christmas season lets all remember
in all our giving and receiving
the example of the wise men three
then bring our gifts to Jesus our Savior

Though Jesus upon this earth no longer abides
from His throne in Heaven above He watches
to see how others we treat whether good or ill
the blessings we share with those less fortunate

For when He walked upon this earth far below
though He was far richer then us all
the wealth His Father gave him He freely shared
meeting the needs of all who asked for mercy

The words of kindness that He taught
He lived for all to see as our example
now the gifts He has loaned to us we don’t deserve
yet He kindly asks us to do His bidding

“Give freely to others as ye have received of Me!”


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