For Your Own Good Of Course

There will always be those whose
primary desire
is to control others for their own
good of course
parents, teachers, wives, employers
govt. bureaucrats
their so called good intentions yet
self destructive
bent forges a path straight into the
deepest fire pit
of hell fuels the regrets one feels
later in life at
the missed opportunities the results
of taking the wrong
turn on the selfish advice of others


Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

In our name
they commit crimes against humanity
justify their actions
with out right lies and propaganda
bully other nations
then wonder why they hate us with an
undying passion
seek to kill us by any means possible
yes indeed the
people of the most powerful nation on
earth at the moment
are like sheep who don’t pay attention
to the wolves
leading them over the edge of the cliff
right into oblivion

Hanging On For Dear Life

Life is bittersweet the reality
never seems
to quite measure up to one’s
chosen fantasy
often leading to unreasonable
expectations far
more often then to happiness
all one can
do is to hang on tight during
the frequent
storms in order to prevent being
blown away
becoming overwhelmed by the
clouds of despair
until the sun comes back out

Am I Not Entitled?

Am I not
entitled to my wife’s respect
a clean
home the delicious curves of
her body

After all
according to the law I’m required
to support
her make certain that she is cared
for pr0perly

Do I not
have the right to expect
that I’ve worked hard
to earn

If not then
why should I have bothered
to marry
promised to love her forever
for nothing

Modern Day Harlots

They have
absolutely no sense
of modesty
dressing to impress
on display

they put their curves
then complain
quite bitterly when the
fish whom

They seek
to bait attempts to
take a bite
of the apple quite

Like a
toy upon the shelf
they put
themselves then get
mad as

A hornet
when a buyer comes along
dares to
admire their beauty seeks
to buy her

These are
the girls of summer who
let it all
hang out for everyone
to notice

Modern day
harlots whose feminine wiles
intice unwise
boys pretending to be men in
to their net

The harbor of
their open arms – so called embrace
of love is an
open grave leading to the depths of
hell and despair

Once entrapped
within her clutches there is no
escape for her
hapless prey whom she binds with
silken deception

Like a spider
from his lips and wallet
she sucks his
very life giving nothing
except death

In return
for all his efforts
leaves his
dried up husk in her
web of lies

Like a trophy
even as she patiently awaits
another unwary
suitor looking for love in all
the wrong places


My life

is not quite like I’d thought

or hoped

that it would be at this time

nor does


There seem

to be anything my heart can

do about it

accept to pray give it to the

Lord above


For no

matter how hard my heart

tries – no

matter how nice, loving and

kind it


Tries to

be it is never quite good


at home, church nor on

my job

A Poet Has No Honor

It truly can be said
that a poet
has no honor within
the circle of
his family, friends
and church
whom all too often
ignore what
his fingers have to
write much
less what his mouth
has to say
unhonored by those
closest to
him it is those round
the world who
read each and every
word of the
secret life his fingers
are leading
who listen to his words
of joy and woe
who truly honor him